Thanks, Alex. I have corrected that in my iPhoto. They seem to be waning & I saw quite a few Pearl  Crescents today nectaring on rudbekias. The psychiatric hospital in Berlin (next to CVMC) has big numbers of rudbekias  blooming now. No one seeme d to mind that I was wandering around the grounds with my camera. My husband goes to cardiac rehab twice a week and I check out the hospital grounds while he is doing that for an hr. 
The butterfly season seems to be picking up at last.


On Jul 28, 2016, at 6:34 PM, Alex Grkovich wrote:


It's actually a Northern Wood Nymph (subspecies nephele); but as I think I wrote a few days ago, nephele in northern VT and NH does not seem to be the same thing as nephele from western MA.


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Subject: common wood nymph. Milbert's tortoiseshell 7/27 E. Montpl.

common wood nymph-CVH , Berlin loop trail meadow- at least 12 but I know there were many more -7/21 & again on 7/26
Pearl Crescent 7/26 CVH