This evening after work I took a sunset kayak paddle out to the mouth of
the Winooski River where I parked my boat and waded through the calf deep
water around the sandbar at Delta Park to look for shorebirds.

On the sandbar, I was treated to fantastic looks at a Ruddy Turnstone. The
bird seemed to pay no attention to me at all as I sat in the sand and
watched it flip over debris in search of food. At one point it was only 5
meters away.

There were a few shorebirds on the mudflats on the north side of the river
as well. A juvenile Sanderling and 2 Black-bellied Plovers were the
highlights, among several Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs and a single
Short-billed Dowitcher.

As the sunlight faded, I counted 24 Common Nighthawks flying south as I
paddled back to the boat launch. The Ruddy Turnstone is species #235
photographed for my VT Photo Big year, and I was happy to greatly improve
on my Sanderling photo for the year.

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Happy birding!
Tyler Pockette