Hi all,

As promised earlier, I have added new photos to my photo big year Flickr
page. Today I added Stilt Sandpiper and American Golden-Plover for species
#237 and 238.

Friday morning I was lucky enough to add Long-tailed Jaeger from my kayak
on Lake Champlain for species #236. It was actually a great morning to be
on the lake, where I saw 4 Jaegers and an adult Little Gull in basic
plumage. Unfortunately the Long-tailed Jaeger is the only one I was able to
get identifiable photos of, although I believe I had both Pomarine and
Parasitic among the 3 that got away.

I'm growing to love birding by kayak. This morning offered a special moment
with the birds as I beached my kayak in the mud along the bank of Dead
Creek about 50 meters upstream in the direction most of the shorebirds were
working for food. They continued my way and eventually surrounded me,
feasting on some small red worms plucked from deep in the mud. They were
all very at peace by my presence and a few yellowlegs and dowitchers
actually worked their way within the minimum focus distance of my lens, so
they were less than 3.5 meters from me.

Here is my updated photo big year Flickr:

Happy birding,
Tyler Pockette