So it's ok to bait and pish to get what you want? Tyler's doing an amazing project. This is just a discussion. 

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I agree with what Tom said. "old fashioned patience" to me reminds me of
humans just shooting down birds to see "what species is this?". Tyler's
contributuons to the birding world are even known here in Massachusetts. I
hope anyone complaining about what gulls eat started a GoFUndMe page to try
and save all the parking lot gulls throughout the world from almost certain
obseity and heart problems amongst their populations!

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> I rarely post to this list any more but I feel I must address this post
> and another about "baiting gulls" and their stomach contents.
> Are the two posters aware of the work done by Tyler to further the efforts
> of the Otter Creek Audubon Society by donating pledges from his Photography
> Big Year?  Did they read his messages about how he wants to pay it forward
> to another young birder after having received that opportunity as a young
> birder himself?
> If not, I suggest that they do.
> As Sue states, anyone who has visited a fast food restaurant where gulls
> hang out knows that their diet is, well, not based on healthful consumption
> and calorie count. Gulls being omnivores will eat as many chips or fries as
> they can find. Period.
> In addition, I suggest that we all think about refraining from using
> language in such a public forum as this one which implies judgement of the
> activities of another birder.  Using the words "old fashioned patience"
> "good example" and "responsible birder" feels a bit sanctimonious to me.
> Lastly, one can have and form any opinion one wants of another birder's
> actions.  Was it really necessary to call Tyler out publicly in this forum?
> I think not.
> Tyler, from me to you, keep birding, keep taking magnificent photos or
> birds and sharing them with others and keep paying it forward in your
> support of young birders
> Tom Jiamachello, Essex Junction
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> Subject: Re: Little Gull by kayak
> Congratulations on getting closer to your goal. I also wondered about your
> use of chips rather than old fashioned patience. I am not so sure baiting
> wildlife so you can get a picture is a good example of being a responsible
> birder.
> Diane Brown
> Middlebury
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> wrote:
>> Great successful story.
>> What do chips do for a gull's stomach?
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>> Hi all,
>> After Jim and Ted's report of a Little Gull at Charlotte Town Beach this
>> afternoon, I headed up in hopes the bird would still be there and be
> close
>> enough to shore that I could get a photo that would be acceptable for my
>> photo big year (a task that can be very difficult at this location
> because
>> the birds tend to hang out WAY offshore). I was disappointed upon arrival
>> to hear that the Little Gull had not been seen in a while, and lighting
>> conditions were rapidly declining as the sun got lower.
>> Luckily, I had taken my kayak with me as a last resort option if I needed
>> to get a closer approach to obtain a photo. Even more luckily, I had
>> stopped at the gas station on the way to buy a bag of chips so I could
> get
>> $6 cash back to pay for the parking at the beach. I could see a flock of
>> about 30 Bonaparte's Gulls loafing on the water in the midst of the sun's
>> reflection about a mile offshore, so I decided to throw the kayak in the
>> water and paddle blindly in hopes of relocating the flock on the off
> chance
>> that the Little Gull was hiding somewhere among them.
>> I made it to the area where I thought the birds had been when I left land
>> but could not see any gulls on the water. A couple of Ring-billed Gulls
>> passed by so I decided my last effort would be to rile up a some action
> by
>> getting the Ring-bills to feed on some chips. I started tossing chips
> into
>> the water and they dove down to me. I tried mimicking their squawks as
> loud
>> as I could to draw attention from any other gulls nearby. It only took a
>> few moments before I could see gulls heading my way from every direction
>> around me. Within a minute, I had about a dozen Ring-billed Gulls and
> just
>> as many Bonaparte's Gulls circling and diving around me, with many more
>> gulls on their way towards me in the distance. That's when the Little
> Gull
>> came in. I immediately noticed its small size and then the dark
> underwings.
>> It was a gorgeous adult in breeding plumage that circled my kayak several
>> times, coming as close as 20 feet. It was actually too close, as it's
> very
>> difficult to maneuver a kayak in circles while trying to photograph a
> fast
>> moving bird in flight. I really wish I had brought more chips out with
> me,
>> because it didn't take long for the gulls to clean me out, get bored, and
>> return to their lazy floating. I imagine an active feeding flock like
> that
>> must look pretty enticing to a passing Jaeger...
>> On the way home I also encountered my first Common Nighthawk of the year
> in
>> Vergennes.
>> Little Gull and Common Nighthawk were birds #231 and 232 photographed in
> VT
>> for the year. A link to my new photo big year photos:
>> Happy birding!
>> Tyler Pockette

Justin Lawson
Worcester, Ma