Eagles do show up on Otter Creek -- and elsewhere in town.  I've seen them
on South Street extension and flying over Hanaford just in the last year.  I
have seen one below the footbridge, near Storm Café, only once, but I have
seen them also near the covered bridge and below Beldens Falls.

Ospreys also occur not infrequently along the creek, particularly during
migration.  It's not a bird, but you can sometimes see mink on the rocks
across from Storm Café.

Bruce Peterson

On 8/26/16 5:23 AM, "Janet Warren" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I was just about to write and ask if eagles hunt along creeks when I read
> Barbara Brosnan¹s report. We were having lunch at the Storm Cafe in Middlebury
> yesterday and were surprised to see what we thought was surely an eagle swoop
> down on the rocks and then rise up with something in its talons and fly away
> down the creek. We aren¹t experienced birders and it was the bird's size,
> white head and white tail underparts that made us think it might be an eagle.
> Janet Warren