Hi Alan Strong,

I'm fairly new to Burlington birding so this trip sounds like a great opportunity. Sunday, Sept 11 would be the most convenient.  Please reserve me a place and send me the instructions.

Best wishes,

Roger Rees

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Hi VT Birders,

After a year hiatus, I've been working with the Captain of UVM's 45' research boat, the Melosira, to organize another "pelagic" birding trip on Lake Champlain. We have finally settled on two days in September: Saturday the 10th, and Sunday the 11th. The trips will be half days...roughly 7:30-11:30 and the cost will be $50.00. We'll be leaving out of the Burlington harbor, just outside the ECHO Center where we will be able to check out the broad lake and south to the Four Brothers Islands and Charlotte Town Beach. If you are interested, please let me know. To make sure everyone has good viewing opportunities, we'll only be able to take about 20 birders per trip.

As we've found in past years, there are no guarantees about how the birding might be, but we will be right at the "peak" for jaeger migration, as well as the time of year for that annual Sabine's Gull, and we'll be in season for other ducks, shorebirds (phalaropes!), terns, and, well, who knows what else? We'll also be chumming with the goal of bringing birds close to the boat.

A note about the Melosira. It is a steady boat, but if the water is choppy, viewing can be challenging as you are watching from a moving platform. Additionally, the boat is designed to chase fish and the things fish eat (like zooplankton), so it is not designed to get anywhere in a hurry. If an unusual bird comes whizzing by the boat, we probably won't have much luck in trying to outrun it for a better look.

But, this is a totally different perspective on birding, and we might just find some really cool birds!

If you are interested, please send me an email to reserve a place, and I'll send you further instructions on making a final reservation.
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I hope you can make it!

Allan Strong
Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources