While listening to the local Kingfisher rattle its way through morning rounds, a couple Blue Jays flew into an apple tree by our porch.  To my surprise, one of the let out a pretty darned good imitation of the Kingfisher.  I’ve been fooled by their excellent Broad-winged Hawk imitations — often coinciding with an actual Broad-wing approaching,  I've wondered if that call was a defense / warning signal.  But, clearly the Kingfisher is not a threat..  Maybe it’s a case of “if you’re a Blue Jay, it’s just what you do”.  Sometimes with purpose, sometimes without?

The Hummingbirds have fledged.  We've gone from one or two at the feeders all the time, to 6-8 constantly bickering.  Last year’s record was 12 at once.  Haven’t gotten to that level this year.  (yet?)

A group of what appear to be honeybees (yay!) have discovered one of the Hummingbird feeders.  There are 50 or so on at at any one time.  I suppose it would be better if they were off pollinating plants.  But, we’re delighted to see honeybees.

Goldfinches have returned in numbers — 12 or more at a time hitting the Thistle.  Another sign that the seasons are marching forward.  I love the changes.  But sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button, for just a little while.  August is a month to savor!

CrossHaven Farm, Moretown