Maeve - I'm thinking of going to the Thursday Aug 25 convergence Day
birding.  Are you going? Would you like to carpool?

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> Summer Meets Fall and Birds Are Everywhere
> Several years ago, Ted Murin commented that there should be a state
> holiday in August called Convergence Day, because birders might see more
> species on that day than on any other day of the year. Year-round birds are
> here; most of the birds that nested in Vermont haven’t left yet; and many
> birds that nested farther north are beginning to come through the state as
> they head south. Come celebrate Convergence Day with Island Arts! There
> will be a talk on Thursday 8/25 from 9-11 followed by a walk on Saturday
> 8/27 starting at 7AM. And after these events, you can have lunch at Hero’s
> Welcome or on the lawn at North Hero House – both delicious! – or just
> drive around and enjoy the beautiful Champlain Islands. Go to
> for specifics.
> Maeve Kim
> Jericho Center

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