Hi everyone.  I want to send an apology.  While I did think the messages
were monitored (and therefore if I had crossed boundaries it would not have
been posted), Debs email makes it clear what is allowed and what is not and
that we are basically self monitoring.


So I apologize for my error.


I want to get some feedback (at some point) with individual messages about
whether questions I have posted in the past regarding policy that affects
farmers (as opposed to electoral politics) is something that people have
appreciated or not?  I have always thought that this was a great place to
share what was happening at the statehouse and to get feedback on the
needs/wishes of some of the farming community. But it appears from the
ground rules set forth that I should not have been doing that either.  So if
folks want to send me feedback please feel free to do that.

Again, my apologies for crossing the line.  


Dave Z