You folks have been great about following the listserv protocol -- 
almost all the time!

Reminder - the purpose of this listserv is help one another with 

That is the standard I suggest you apply if in doubt about sending a 
message. It's a slippery slope from 'practical' issues to meeting 
announcements, surveys, and yes, politics. All these are important but 
can dilute the focus of this on-line community. Better to send these 
items to me to include in the veg and berry newsletter.

A few suggestions regarding our listserv:

1. Keep your messages directly related to farming
2. Be respectful to all - in your words and tone; this is a public forum
3. If you have something to say to an individual do not post to the 
entire list
4. Remember to say you will compile replies, then post them with 
'responses to' in subject line
5. Avoid posting for 'friends' who should join the VVBGA. It's OK to 
post for people seeking product, etc.

Again, here is the listserv protocol:

And here is the searchable archive of all past messages: