I am really sorry to hear this, as it's been such a challenging year for many already.

With pelleted carrots, one really needs to be sure not to use seed from the previous year. You want to keep it cool and dry prior to planting, and seed should always be used in the year you are purchasing it. Clearly, even and consistent moisture during the germ period is pretty critical. Yes, the row cover method is used by many, although in a year like this, even that may not do much.

There are some larger growers I know of in the Northeast that have switched back to raw seed and made the necessary changes in equipment for that.

Feel free to email me with info about individual variety issues or other details.


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Late entry, but the pelletized seed was a disaster here this year...

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> We have found poor carrots germ (pelleted) this year as well.  We did 
> get better germination in our last planting by watering it every couple of days.
> But we are not happy overall.
> DZ
> Full Moon farm
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> Hey sorry this is a bit later but here they are:
> Overall the point of view was that using Pelletized carrots was not 
> providing the germination rates that folks wished, sometimes really 
> bad germ...
> Germination times exceeding 14 days
> The best advice I got was to cover beds with row cover to maintain 
> moisture, of course on a large scale not a solution probably but for 
> small farms with
> 100 ft beds very possible. 
> Thanks everyone! 
> Enjoy the rest of summer!
> Kyle Doda
> 1000 Stone Farm
> Brookfield, VT