The conventional community went through this years ago  with  Ammonium nitrate fertilizer  (33.0.0) , which we lost after Timothy McVeigh mixed it with diesel fuel and touched it off in Oklahoma city. You can still get it, but like Brad says, it is made virtually impossible by the layers of bureaucratic cost and documentation. 
Is this getting to be a familiar tune for small scale ag. How about the manure based compost handling rules as spelled out by FSMA? 

On Fri, Aug 5, 2016 at 12:18 AM, Jake Guest <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
    I thought the problem of finding a source for CN had been resolved when  YARA International, the importer of CN, changed the formulation of their product so that it would no longer be an oxidizer, thereby taking it off the HASMAT and Homeland Security high risk lists. While it does seem to be the case that the formulation has been changed, apparently that is not enough to satisfy our ever-vigilent-guardians-of-our-freedoms over at Homeland Security, and they are keeping it on their very-bad-stuff list. I learned this today from Brad Lawes (Lawes Agricultural Services), and he has again decided that the hassles involved (security camaras, elaborte paper trails and precise tracking, to name a few, are too much to make it worth his while to continue carrying it. Can't blame him.
     So the situation is back to where it was a few days ago when some other sources were mentioned in various emails responding to my initial panic. If anyone has any current information from suppliers or other suggestions, it seems that there are quite a few of us out here who would be interested in hearing about it. Seems appropriate to put any such info out onto the whole list serve rather than just individual back and for... that's my own opinion.   I'll listen in from Montana for a week.... Jake