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Michelle Cummings
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Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Personify Leadership
Experiential Toolbox Open Enrollment 
Training Wheels program
Do you need more tools for your facilitator toolbox?  Have you ever wanted to attend one of Michelle Cummings' workshops?  Now you can!  Join her in Manhattan, KS on November 4th! 

This workshop will be full of fun and learning, focusing on Icebreakers, Problem Solving activities, Facilitation Tips and Effective Debriefing.  

Registration:  $100.00  

 Click here for more info or to order.

Wheel of a Deal:  On Sale this Week...

Body Part Debrief
Body Part Debrief
Don't leave home without your Body Parts!  This activity is our absolute best seller and personal favorite debriefing tool. Developed by our very own Michelle Cummings, this Body Part Bag will help your group bring out their reactions to the activities of the day. Each ball can represent a different metaphor. Here are some examples of what the different parts can represent.

Heart- Name something you felt, or a feeling you experienced.
Brain- Tell the group something that you learned.
Stomach- What took guts for you to do, or pushed you outside of your comfort zone.
Hand- How the group supported you, or someone you would like to give a hand to.
Ear- Describe something you heard, or something that was hard to hear.
Eye- A vision you had for the group, or something you saw.
Smiley Face- Tell the group something that made you smile, or name some positive attributes of yourself or the group.

Comes with 7 body part balls, mesh stuff sack, and directions. 

Regular Price:  $32.99   On Sale:  $28.99

Click here for more info or to order.
Teambuilding Puzzles
Teambuilding Puzzles cover
100 Puzzles and Activities for Creating Teachable Moments in Creative Problem Solving, Consensus Building, Leadership, Exploring Diversity, Group Decision Making, Goal Setting, Active Learning, Communication & Teamwork

by Mike Anderson, Jim Cain, Chris Cavert, and Tom Heck

Learn how to turn puzzle solving from an individual cerebral experience to a kinesthetic group activity.

The puzzles in this book require creative problem solving abilities, cooperation, communication and occasionally shear luck to solve. Some are straight forward and will yield to inquiring minds. Some provide a bit of the 'aha!' effect and often have a surprise solution, which in itself creates a wonderful teachable moment. Others are just plain tough and require the use of team skills to succeed. But no matter the level of difficulty, each of these puzzles offers a 'teachable moment' and some excellent opportunities for team discussion and reflection.

Regular Price:  $31.99   On Sale:  $28.99

Click here for more info or to order.
Teamwork & Teamplay
Teamwork & Teamplay book
For those looking for teambuilding activities, check out this book by Jim Cain and Barry Jolliff, 1998.

A guide to Cooperative, Challenge and Adventure Activities that Build Confidence, Cooperation, Teamwork, Creativity, Trust, Decision making, Conflict Resolution, Resource Management, Communication, Effective Feedback and Problem-Solving Skills.  Not just the familiar activities but some simple and new activities.

Regular Price $49.99   On Sale:  $45.99

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Personify Leadership
Personify Leadership is a two-day leadership development program based on 8 core competencies. In this highly interactive and engaging program, your leaders will learn practical and hands-on tools for leading in your organization.

Train the Trainer Certification 
Interested in being certified to deliver the Personify Leadership program?  Once you have been through the certification process, there is no limit to how many times you can deliver the training.  Certification includes all program materials, facilitation guide, power point presentations and an experiential training kit.  Moving forward, for each person you put through the program you purchase one Participant Kit that includes a participant guide, job aids, and a profile report.  Certification is $3450, and you can recoup your investment in the first time you deliver the course.  Please email or call me if you would like to discuss this in greater detail! 
Here are our upcoming dates:
  • November 14-17, 2016               Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • February 13-16 2017                   Singapore
  • February 27-March 2                  Chicago, IL
  • April 17-20, 2017                         Denver, CO
  • May 25-26, June 15-16               Atlanta, GA
  • June 19-22, 2017                         Ft Lauderdale, FL
  • July 17-20, 2017                           Houston, CO
  • September 18-21, 2017              Denver, CO
  • November 13-16, 2017               Ft Lauderdale, FL
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Where In the World is Michelle?
Upcoming Conferences and Workshops where Michelle is presenting:  
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Want to participate in one of Michelle's workshops?  Is she near you?  Piggy back a training for your organization when she is traveling near you. 

September 28-30, Client program, Mary Esther, FL

October 6-7,  Client program, Nashotah, WI

October 18, National WIC Association, Keynote, Sacremento, CA

October 20-21, Montana 4H Keynote, Bozeman, MT

October 27-30, Association for Experiential Education conference, Minneapolis, MN

November 4, Experiential Toolbox Workshop!, Manhattan, KS -  Register now!

November 8, New York PE Teachers conference.

November 14-17, Personify Leadership, Ft Lauderdale, FL
Training Wheels, 7095 S. Garrison St., Littleton, CO 80128
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