Thank you for sharing your concerns, Gail! 

Just to clarify, VTrans has no interest in Fair and Accurate Taxation and Reappraisal (beyond their interest as citizens, I suppose), and the Tax Dept. did not initiate this project. That "why" was an attempt to provide an example of how towns and their citizens will benefit from this project as well as state gov't. 

I agree that Free is usually a too good to be true offer so I will additionally clarify that this project will not pay for the cartography and printing involved in making a town's tax maps, nor the specific costs associated with setting up a custom online parcel mapping interface (as some companies offer). That is a cost that towns will still have to bear during this project. Paper maps are usually a small portion of the cost of a major map update, but probably a bigger portion of a regular annual update. 

Also, this program does not currently have any funding for ongoing updates into the future. 

Perhaps those are the small print items that make it clear that this is not too good to be true!?

Please keep those concerns and comments coming so that we can all talk about them and try to address them.


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Free, no cost  . . .   If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Did you all notice the first bullet of WHY?     o Fair and Accurate Taxation and Reappraisal  -   Sounds like VTrans  is collecting data for the Tax Department so they can create a statewide grand list!!  

As Gov. Howard Dean told a gathering of members of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns who were discussing the proposed statewide education property tax, "It's the camel's nose under the tent." 

Just a thought . . .

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