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September 2016



Dear Colleague:


The National Association of African American Studies & Affiliates [National
Association of Hispanic and Latino Studies, National Association of Native
American Studies, International Association of Asian Studies] will host
their national conference in Dallas, Texas February 13-18, 2017. The
conference is expected to have more than 600 research sessions, panels,
roundtables and special presentations.

The national organization encourages your debate team to participate in its
first National Debate Competition. Student participation brings with it
various benefits. They include:

.         Opportunity to interact with diverse student participants

.         Opportunity to attend conference sessions

.         Opportunity to earn a cash award

There are a number of special events scheduled that the hosts feel will be
of interest to faculty, staff, students and community. The events include:

.         Featured speaker Ela Gandhi (granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi)

.         Nelson Mandela Legacy Exhibit

.         National African American Drug Policy Coalition

.         National Latino Law Enforcement Organization

For your convenience, I have attached a copy of the Debate Team Competition
Guidelines and Student Call for Papers.

NAAAS & Affiliates encourages you to give this invitation to participation
in the National Debate Competition your full consideration.

Again, your support and that of colleagues of the 25th anniversary
conference is appreciated.




Lemuel Berry, Jr.


Lemuel Berry, Jr., Ph.D.

Executive Director




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