Okay  ... I'm never short of crazy ideas... but this one might be too
Need your feedback

What would you say if we built a 3D printer at VermontFest  and have any of
you be part of the build..

I'm thinking with the number of 3D printers out there, that understanding
the different components and how they are put together is part of being
able to maintain a 3D printer  even if you don't build your own... you
might have to rebuilt an extruder

Would anyone here be interested in being  part of this type of activity if
we organized it at VermontFest...Basically  means you build for a half
hour... and then pass it on to the next person... (and of course teams are
great... so you can build together)

After having done a few builds... I know this can be done in 2 days with
the right focus
and know that it can be done collaboratively  if someone is willing to

Check out the timelapse of this the one we build we did at Champlain  Mini
Maker  FAire a few years ago

What are your thoughts?  Interest???


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