Hello fellow learners,

I am writing to let folks know that there is still time to enroll in my course:  Redefining Teaching in a Chromebook Environment.

This course explores ways that 21st Century, learner-centered strategies can be supported through the use of digital tools in the classroom. With an emphasis on transforming instructional practice, this course will support educators who are or plan to be implementing Chromebooks or Google Apps in their classroom.  A major focus of this course will be to integrate technology into  a unit that you are already teaching or plan to teach this year.  You can choose to take the course and receive three credits and a Chromebook for $1,200 or take the course for credit for only $900.  The first session will be in person on October 29th and the rest of the course will take place online.  Click this link to learn more and to register online:


David Wells

21st Century Learner and Leader
Vermont School Principal


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