Anyone used the Tin Can API? I've only heard that it's SCORM like, but experience based, and very good. Seems Tin Can is poised to hook into VR/AR learning.

And how about developing content for VR and AR. I've done 360 video and photos, but the Google grant I was on had Google the development to get them into the Expeditions App. And that app doesn't seem to work on regular old computers, just phones and tables with or without headsets. 

YouTube's 360 channel is amazing. I think a lot of people don't know you can move the view around right in the browser. 360 cameras are below $400 and Bill Gates is using them to film 360 book reviews, like this one with Bill Gates and Neal Stephenson in a Telsa (they are silent, great for video)...WTF?

VR and AR are of course big for EdTech already, HUGE for gaming, but I think questionable for everything else. We are on our way to the Holodeck for sure, but I don't think it will be quiet as big as it feels right now, at least until we can get the headsets off and use projections. 

Anyone developing any Interactive content beyond 360 video and audio?

Caleb Clark
Marlboro College, Degree Chair, Teaching with Technology:
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