Hello Will,

In Linux the passwords are saved within the browser settings of the users' account. If I delete the browser settings for a specific user then they would have to log into Google again otherwise a user stays logged in even if the account password is changed.

As I recall Windows will save those settings on a specific machine (those settings do not roam). Do students stay logged in if they log into windows on a specific (the same) machine?

Maybe it is possible to put the user files on all the machines or have students use the same machines? Just a thought...

Tom Heller
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We are using program named Identacor to do that.  We thought about Clever but we felt there were too many things that could go wrong and the potential for security breeches if we used our SIS as an Identity Manager

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We're trying to muster up the ambition to get single sign-on working between Google and Windows Active Directory.  Has anyone successfully done this?  Helpful tips?

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