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On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 9:07 AM, John Peters <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Google support SAML authentication.  We are using an identity manager that
> can provide SAML authentication to Google and interface with AD.  It can
> also auto-provision accounts in Google when we create them in AD.
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> There are 2 Google tools you'll need to use.
> 1. Google Apps Directory Sync - This is installed anywhere in your
> environment.  It will use LDAP to sync your users and directory structure.
> However, because AD doesn’t store passwords in a way that the tool can read
> them (unless you are still using 2003) the new accounts will not have the
> same password as the AD account.
> 2. Google Apps Password Sync - This is installed on each DC in your
> environment (requires reboot).  It will sync password changes from AD to
> Google.
> Basically, sync the accounts to create them, then reset the password in AD
> and Google will have that new password.
> As for getting the browser to auto-login to Google without user
> intervention, I don't think that is possible at this time, but if you
> figure it out please share.
> Hope that helps,
> Mike
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> Subject: single sign-on
> We're trying to muster up the ambition to get single sign-on working
> between Google and Windows Active Directory.  Has anyone successfully done
> this?  Helpful tips?
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