Date: October 10, 2016

To:         UVM Community

From:    Tom Gustafson, Vice President for University Relations and 

Subject: *Interim Drone University Operating Procedure (UOP)*

“Drones” or “Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)” continue to capture national 
attention for their positive contributions (natural disaster aid); and 
for negative reasons (illegal flights) within Federal Aviation 
Administration (FAA) protected airspace.

To ensure compliance with the FAA’s regulations and the safety of the 
UVM community and campus visitors, UVM has developed and published an 
Interim Drone University Operating Procedure (UOP) that proscribes the 
required pre-flight application and approval process that
UVM employees, students, contractors, commercial businesses, affiliates, 
and members of the public must follow to obtain prior approval to 
operate a Drone/UAS on either the UVM campus and/or at UVM sponsored 
off-campus events.

The UAS UOP (including required application) can be found on the UVM 
website at Please 
keep in mind that “recreational” or “hobby” UAS and/or model aircraft 
flying *is not permitted* on the UVM campus, and/or at UVM sponsored 
off-campus events.

The UAS application and associated forms can also be found on the UVM 
website at

Questions regarding the UAS UOP and/or the application and approval 
process should be directed to Al Turgeon, the University’s Chief Risk 
Officer (CRO) and Chair of the UVM’s UAS Work Group.

Please forward this memo to individuals you know who are interested in 
flying Drones/UAS at UVM, and encourage them to contact Al. He can be 
reached by email at [log in to unmask], and by phone at 802.656.9904.