When we first got Serials Solutions we argued endlessly about their 
terrible subjects.  We didn't understand why they wouldn't let us add our 
own subjects.  We asked for an enhancement but that was years ago and we 
just gave up.

We added MESH and LC and figured having two subject systems couldn't hurt 
even though it is still terrible.

Maybe now that they are Proquest I should complain higher up the food 

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Has anyone had a similar experience to mine when searching for a journal 
by SUBJECT in the Serials Solutions portal? I opened a ticket, but the 
answers I'm getting are not only confusing, they are unsatisfactory (thus 
far). I wanted to ask here to see if everyone gets similar results. I 
wanted to know the answer to the common question "What journals on 
<subject> do you have?

QUESTION: Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal appears in an AtoZ list of 
titles, but not when searched, e.g. Subject=NURSING?

ANSWER: this title is listed under MeSH as in "Emergency Nursing", which 
is a subject heading that we are not using at this time. I do know of any 
plans to expand that, and unless MeSH were to list the title under the 
much broader subject of Nursing, the title would not be discoverable.

This is incomprehensible to me. What is the purpose of searching by SUBJ 
if it does not retrieve the full list of NURSING journals??

I'm missing something and don't know how or whether to pursue further. 

Jo-Anne Aspri, MLS
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