If this is the right guy (Michael Seidenberg, PhD at Rosalind Franklin
University of Medicine and Science - the one you already contacted), you
could try reaching out to one of his graduate students instead.  Usually,
the grad students have pretty good access to their dissertation adviser,
and one of them might even be working with a copy of the MASQ for their
research (or maybe did so in the past).  It might be worth a try anyway.
You could also try one of the three "Lab Alumni" listed.  There is a list
of grad students and lab alumni and their current affiliations on
Seidenberg's webpage:

You could also try searching "A Compendium of Neuropsychological Tests" -
maybe one of the earlier editions would have the MASQ?:

Another idea might be to do a search for any paper that used the MASQ as
part of their research neuropsychology test battery (or test/research
protocol), and then contact the author(s) of that paper.  The
neuropsychometric techs [who may actually be listed as co-authors] might
have copies of the test lying around in their old files (I used to be a
research assistant and psychometric tech for the division of neuropsych at
the University of Michigan Health System, but we never used the MASQ for
the two studies with which I was affiliated).

Good luck with your search!

All my best,


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> A staff member is trying to obtain a copy of a test Multiple Ability
> Self-report Questionnaire (MASQ).  A colleague checked Tests in Print and
> could not find it.
> Any other thoughts on how to pursue getting a copy?  We tracked down the
> original article written about the test, and tried reaching out to the
> author, but have not had a response.
> Much appreciated.
> Lisa McCormick
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