We just installed exercise/study bikes - .  They have small desktops attached for studiers to put their book or laptop.  We worked with University Risk Management to make sure we have appropriate "use at your own risk" notices for these and for the four walking treadmill study stations we also have in the library - .  They are hugely popular with students and other library patrons.  Neither are designed to go very fast.  The walk stations go a maximum of 3 mph, for instance.  


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I used to have an old scale in my library - the kind where you stepped on it and moved the weights.  (I inherited it from the rehab center next door that was updated).  I joked that this was my security system - you got weighed when you came in and if you weighed more when you left we'd check for books.

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Wow.  Talk about mission creep.  Will library staff have first aid / CPR training?  Who is going to maintain and clean / sanitize the equipment?
Will there be an AED available?    I can't imagine a health club allowing
people to use equipment without trained staff present.  Why is the library
being turned into a fitness center?   This just seems way beyond the pale
of library / knowledge / information services...

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> Does anyone have recumbent exercise bikes in their library for patrons 
> to use?  We are looking at getting a couple for our library and were 
> wondering about liability.  Our health sciences library is open 24/7 by badge access
> for our employees.   We would like to just post a "use at your own risk"
> sign.  I have a request in with our legal department, but wondered 
> what other libraries might be doing.
> Also, does anyone circulate physioballs or under-the-desk foot peddlers?
> If so, would you be willing to send me a copy of your liability waiver 
> if you use one?
> Thank you!
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