Hello all,

A fellow colleague has kindly pointed out to me the problem: PubMed doesn't like truncation within quotation marks.

To demonstrate:



Items found


Search patient reported outcome*[Title/Abstract]



Search patient reported outcome[Title/Abstract]



Search "patient reported outcome*"[Title/Abstract]


So the solution here is to remove the quotation marks so that the truncation will be interpreted.


From: Amanda Wanner
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Subject: vastly different results in PubMed vs Ovid?

Hello all,

I'm a long time lurker but first time poster.

I'm stumped this morning by a translated search query that is returning vastly different results in PubMed vs Ovid Medline. Does anyone know why this might be? Any ideas are appreciated.

In PubMed, this query returns 3824 hits:

("patient reported outcome*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient reported experience*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient reported measure*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient centred outcome*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient centered outcome*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient centred experience*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient centered experience*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient centred measure*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient centered measure*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient relevant outcome*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient relevant experience*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient relevant measure*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient related outcome*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient related experience*"[Title/Abstract] OR "patient related measure*"[Title/Abstract])

In Ovid Medline, this query returns 9324 hits:

("patient reported outcome*" or "patient reported experience*" or "patient reported measure*" or "patient centred outcome*" or "patient centered outcome*" or "patient centred experience*" or "patient centered experience*" or "patient centred measure*" or "patient centered measure*" or "patient relevant outcome*" or "patient relevant experience*" or "patient relevant measure*" or "patient related outcome*" or "patient related experience*" or "patient related measure*").ti,ab.

My initial search on Ovid Medline also returns 9324 hits:

(Patient adj (reported or centred or centered or relevant or related) adj (outcome* or experience* or measure*)).ti,ab.


Amanda Wanner
Information Specialist, PenCLAHRC
University of Plymouth


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