Has anyone found a way to effectively provide students on IEPs/504s with
digital audiobooks?**

**(While complying with COPPA
, IDEA & FERPA confidentiality provisions
and copyright law)

I believe most of our students do NOT have physical disabilities severe
enough to qualify for the copyright exemption under the Chaffee Amendment
<>, which might
entitle them to use Bookshare or National Library Services.

Our students have individual Chromebooks to use at school. Our IT
department could push out an Audible or Learning Ally app on their
Chromebooks. We need to find something that is on demand and seamless. The
technology is there.

Does someone have a creative solution so that Special Educators can
purchase literature group books in audio format using Audible (or something
else) for students, yet NOT have the audiobook tied to the Special
Educator's account? (Allowing students to use Educators' accounts opens up
all kinds of potential hazards, among which are IDEA & FERPA
confidentiality provisions).

We also do not want--nor can we, as our students are underage--to have
individual student Audible (or other) accounts. Additionally, once we
purchase an Audiobook, we don't want it to leave once the student leaves
the school.

We need institutional accounts, so audiobooks stay with the school.

I have contacted Learning Ally <>and their
pricing for a one year subscription is $93 per student, minimum 10

ListenUp Vermont <>, available through Vermont
public libraries -- school libraries can't join now--is not a workable
solution. Titles are often unavailable, checked out, or the 2 week loan
period isn't long enough for the school unit. Additionally, there is the
often cumbersome process of using the Overdrive software or downloading the
book. And, most students won't know/have their public library account

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!

Ellen Arapakos

Ellen Arapakos, Teacher Librarian <>
Williston Central School Library
802-871-6189 (during school hours)