The art teacher at BAMS got 10 ipads with a grant, and is wondering what's the easiest way to manage the acquisition and installation or apps for them.  We have a cart we use the Apple Configurator on at the high school, but she doesn't have a Mac over there, and my understanding is the configurator's kind of passe anyway.  From what I've read about Apple School Manager, it seems to need to work in conjunction with an MDM, that seems like an awful lot of work for 10 ipads, picking an MDM, setting it up, etc, or am I wrong?.  The articles tout how easy it is to create lots of managed Apple IDs, we don't really want to create a lot of Apple IDs, just enough to get the apps we want installed.

Would managing these things with just iTunes work?

Bob Wickberg
Technology Coordinator
Brattleboro Union High School District # 6


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