Hi all,

We are 100% PTP this year. We made the move at the end of the summer. The district did some training, particularly with lead teachers, and the lead teachers have worked with others in their building. The feedback has been pretty good. PowerSchool has come out with a few minor updates this fall, and we have installed them as they have come out. Each has fixed some minor irritants for our teachers. 

Our teachers seem to really like that they are no longer Java dependent, and they can access their gradebook from any device, including Chromebooks. The most recent update came with the most helpful changes, including a more condensed view of the scoresheet.

Knock on wood.

Michelle M. Devino
Data Manager
Colchester School District
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From: Melissa Hayden-Raley at MTSD
Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 9:40 AM
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Subject: PowerTeacher Pro

Michelle Devino and others - what is your experience with PTPro?  I've heard mixed reviews from out in the field of those who have migrated.  Wondering how it's going for all of you who have made the switch.  Thanks!


Melissa Hayden-Raley
Technology Supervisor
Milton Town School District
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