The system is rigged not by voting machines but by the two-party system of
American imperialism.  Anyone who has paid attention to this years election
cycle can see with nake eye how rigged it is--from the primaries to funding
to "debates", etc.  The entire system is designed NOT to allow outside of
the box thinking about politics.

If you are a radical you must go to the root of the problem . Not get into
some liberal "theory" that people's votes are not being counted correctly
so this bourgeois politician gets elected instead of the other one etc.

I worked at UC Berkeley's Survey Research Center for 9 years and Henry
Brady--the Director--was an expert assinged to study the same problem in
Florida in the Gore vs. Bush contest.  Believe me, I hace heard and read an
earful about the story of "rigged voting machines" from the inside. Not a
concern of Science for the People at all by any strectch of imagination.



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> Dismissing such a serious topic as "conspiracy theory" without offering a
> shred of supporting evidence, shows you're one of the following:
> 1. Extremely intellectually insecure, therefore can't even contemplate
> anything remotely controversial, for fear to be considered crazy, "not a
> serious scientist", etc.
> 2. You're utterly close-minded and incapable of examining evidence
> presented, therefore you're not a serious scientist;
> 3. You're deliberately acting to dispel these accusations, no matter the
> evidence, in which case you have an ulterior motive.
> Besides the recent evidence by Bev Harris that I sent, as well as the
> extensive older evidence collected by the Collier brothers that I also
> sent, software-based rigging was also graphically demonstrated, on-screen,
> on officially vetted scanner boxes, in the Emmy nominated film "Hacking
> Democracy" 10 years ago. Available now in public libraries.
> Jonathan Simon just recently updated the 2015 edition of his book "Code
> Red," a comprehensive tutorial on the same subject.
> There is also the sworn testimony of computer programmer Clint Curtis, and
> the death of Raymond Lemme from the Florida Inspector General's office
> investigating Curtis' allegations of rigged voting machines, two weeks
> after Lemme told Curtis he had tracked the corruption 'all the way to the
> top':
> If this listserve exist at all because we think science is often NOT
> serving the people, and many of us think it's because the political and
> economic system is rigged to serve the rich and powerful, why is it such a
> stretch to examine evidence that the rigging involves voting machines and
> software - with elections being such an essential part of maintaining power
> and control?
> Maggie Zhou
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