DATE: Saturday, November 5th
TIME: 1 pm
PLACE: Brooklyn Boro Hall (steps)

Carolina Cositore Sitrin: #215 518 3002
Mitchel Cohen  email: [log in to unmask]


Anti-war activists fed up with the pro-war stances of both major 
parties' Presidential candidates will rally on Saturday, November 5, 
at 1 pm, on the steps of Brooklyn Boro Hall (209 Joralemon St. at Court St.).

They will march to Hillary Clinton's national campaign headquarters a 
few blocks away on Cadman Plaza.

Mitchel Cohen, who initiated the call for the anti-war march along 
with Carolina Cositore Sitrin, said: "We are sickened by Hillary 
Clinton's record of war-mongering and very dangerous policy 
statements in terms of U.S. foreign policy, just as much as that of 
the odious Donald Trump."

Cohen, who is an organizer with the Brooklyn Greens, a local Green 
Party affiliate, and is a former Board chair of WBAI-FM radio, says 
he will be voting for the Green Party candidates Jill Stein and Ajamu 
Baraka, but that "all people are welcome at this anti-war rally no 
matter whom they are voting for."

Carolina Sitrin says that the protest is intended to "call attention 
to Clinton's horrendous proposal to implement a No Fly Zone over 
Syria, which Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair Dunford warned would put the 
U.S. into direct conflict with Russian planes and escalate into 
nuclear war with Russia."

Sitrin noted that the U.S. has been "encircling Russia with military 
bases and nuclear weapons, and Hillary Clinton is a main proponent of 
that military strategy".

Debra Sweet, spokesperson for World Can't Wait and one of the rally's 
endorsers, says that "Hillary Clinton is running on her competence to 
lead a "super-predator" military currently making unjust war on seven 
countries. Her support for secret operations including targeted 
killings even when civilians are killed, and her threats to implement 
a "no-fly" zone over Syria are similar to Clinton's actions which led 
to the deaths of thousands in Kosovo and Libya.

"We are told by both Clinton and Trump that it's in the interest of 
people living in the United States to wage illegitimate, aggressive 
war on hundreds of millions. But we say NO, NOT in our name."

The rally has been endorsed by dozens of individuals and 
organizations, including the Brooklyn Greens, Veterans for Peace - 
NY, World Can't Wait, World Beyond War, International Action Center, 
Popular Resistance, U.S. Peace Council, United National Antiwar 
Coalition (UNAC), Friends of Brad Will, The Commons (Brooklyn), 
Raging Grannies, The Nuclear Resister, Center for Global Justice, 
Free Radicals, Truth Action Project - NYC Region, Guyanese American 
Workers United, Show Up! America, Ayotzinapa NY, YoSoy132 Nueva York, 
Jersey City Peace Movement, and the Granny Peace Brigade.

Kevin Zeese, publisher of Popular Resistance, the online daily 
journal which documents popular anti-war and environmental struggles 
across the U.S., wrote:

"It is important to protest Hillary Clinton now, before the election 
and before she becomes president. She has a long history of 
supporting regime change operations, militarism and war. She will be 
a dangerous president so the movement has to act now to ensure there 
is #NoHoneymoon for Hillary and her presidency is filled with 
protests against her war, Wall Street and Walmart policies."

Margaret Flowers, the Green Party candidate for United States Senate 
in Maryland, added:

"The Clinton policy that frightens me the most is her foreign policy. 
She has no respect for international law or human rights and will 
continue to pursue policies of hegemony and imperialism. She will 
continue to antagonize Russia and China and will increase the risk of 
another major war."

Flowers, a medical doctor (as is Green Party presidential candidate 
Dr. Jill Stein), points to Clinton's acceptance of the repression of 
Native American protesters in North Dakota who have been 
non-violently attempting to save their drinking water from 
contamination by preventing the Dakota Access Pipeline from being 
built on their sacred lands. Flowers continues:

"We must recognize that Clinton is a neo-liberal and a neo-con who 
has successfully united the two plutocratic parties. She must not be 
given a honeymoon or a pass just because she is a woman. It is 
critical that the people rise up to demand that we, the people, set 
the political agenda to meet our needs, not the elites."

And Bruce Gagnon, the Coordinator of Global Network Against Weapons & 
Nuclear Power in Space, points sharply to the dangers to world peace 
that Clinton represents:

"Yesterday it was reported that the US is deploying Marines to 
Norway's Vaernes military base, roughly 600 miles from the 
Norwegian-Russian border.

"It was Hillary Clinton who first talked about the US 'pivot' to Asia 
of 60% of Pentagon forces to encircle China and Russia.

"It was Clinton as Secretary of State who helped put into place the 
coup in Honduras and Ukraine, the war in Iraq and the take down of 
Libya and Syria."

Gagnon concludes:

"Peace protests, especially now, are important and will need to 
rapidly grow in order to stop the US march toward WW III."

Mitchel Cohen also points to Hillary Clinton's destructive role with 
the Clinton Foundation in Haiti, "which resulted in tens of millions 
of dollars that American citizens had donated to assist the people of 
Haiti, which were instead misappropriated and basically stolen by the 

For further information and to read the full list of endorsers, 
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