Absolutely, Herb.

And while we're at it, check out Greg Palast's work (Google it!) on the massive disenfranchisement of Black people especially.


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Concerning Jim West's post.

Although all those interested in tearing science from its practical and ideological subservience to the ruling class should be welcome on this list irrespective of his or her political or religious beliefs, it is important that all sources of data or opinion be identified with respect to the source's partisanship.  The Heritage Foundation is an organization self-described as a " bastion of the American conservative movement" dedicated to “grabbing the government by its frayed New Deal lapels and shaking out ...years of liberal policy.”  Pushing voter fraud while being silent about the real problems is typical.

Furthermore searching and counting 70 voter frauds is a mouse fart.  Even 100 times that would in no way compare to the serious voter fraud in, say, Russia or to the disenfranchisement in this country.  The actions that amount to massive interference with the U S's seriously flawed electoral system is the disenfranchisement and Gerrymandering endemic in some states.  At present we live under a two-party dictatorship that has for the past hundred years had presidents elected by about 1/3 of eligible voters.

Let's not muddy the waters with mouse farts.  It is time to deal with the big questions.  Making an issue of rare voter fraud is a great way to prevent citizens focusing on the fundamental problems with the system
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Here is the U.S. convicted voter fraud database.
I searched and counted:
   58 voter frauds by democrats.
   10 voter frauds by republicans.
That is a fraction of the fraud convictions, because party is not usually
If it were not for our two-party system, this would be more difficult to

Jim West