The system is rigged not by voting machines but by the two-party system of American imperialism.  Anyone who has paid attention to this years election cycle can see with nake eye how rigged it is--from the primaries to funding to "debates", etc.  The entire system is designed NOT to allow outside of the box thinking about politics.  

If you are a radical you must go to the root of the problem . Not get into some liberal "theory" that people's votes are not being counted correctly so this bourgeois politician gets elected instead of the other one etc.  

I worked at UC Berkeley's Survey Research Center for 9 years and Henry Brady--the Director--was an expert assinged to study the same problem in Florida in the Gore vs. Bush contest.  Believe me, I hace heard and read an earful about the story of "rigged voting machines" from the inside. Not a concern of Science for the People at all by any strectch of imagination.



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Dismissing such a serious topic as "conspiracy theory" without offering a shred of supporting evidence, shows you're one of the following:

1. Extremely intellectually insecure, therefore can't even contemplate anything remotely controversial, for fear to be considered crazy, "not a serious scientist", etc.
2. You're utterly close-minded and incapable of examining evidence presented, therefore you're not a serious scientist;
3. You're deliberately acting to dispel these accusations, no matter the evidence, in which case you have an ulterior motive.

Besides the recent evidence by Bev Harris that I sent, as well as the extensive older evidence collected by the Collier brothers that I also sent, software-based rigging was also graphically demonstrated, on-screen, on officially vetted scanner boxes, in the Emmy nominated film "Hacking Democracy" 10 years ago. Available now in public libraries.

Jonathan Simon just recently updated the 2015 edition of his book "Code Red," a comprehensive tutorial on the same subject.

There is also the sworn testimony of computer programmer Clint Curtis, and the death of Raymond Lemme from the Florida Inspector General's office investigating Curtis' allegations of rigged voting machines, two weeks after Lemme told Curtis he had tracked the corruption 'all the way to the top':

If this listserve exist at all because we think science is often NOT serving the people, and many of us think it's because the political and economic system is rigged to serve the rich and powerful, why is it such a stretch to examine evidence that the rigging involves voting machines and software - with elections being such an essential part of maintaining power and control?

Maggie Zhou

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