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'Colonel’ behind the "caging" attack
on Black voters in N Carolina exposed
RFK Jr.: “A felony crime."
The bigger purge by same group could flip the US Senate.

by Greg Palast
Investigative reporter Palast wrote Rolling Stone’s recent exposé,
GOP's Stealth War Against Voters.


While the rest of the press is shocked that white 
North Carolina vigilantes are using 
racially-poisonous trickery to knock more than 
6,700 Black citizens off the voter rolls, we 
already have the ringleader of the scheme on 
camera boasting of his election-snatching tactics.

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The NAACP has identified the Voter Integrity 
Project of Raleigh, North Carolina, as the 
organization directing the mass mailings to 
voters in minority communities.  When the letters 
marked “Do Not Forward” were returned to 
vigilante citizens guided by VIP, the group’s 
frontmen then challenged the Black citizens' 
right to vote.   Republican officials then 
quickly removed these voters from the rolls 
despite the lack of any evidence that any are fraudulent voters.

“Colonel” DeLancy’s caging operation
VIP is headed by "Colonel" Jay DeLancy. DeLancy 
admitted to this reporter, on camera, that he’s 
previously used the mailing trap, called 
“caging,” in attempts to remove the rights of 
voters he considers “aliens” or “dead” or otherwise illegally registered.

While DeLancy has not found a single illegal 
voter, not one zombie from Mexico, he did create 
enough media hysteria about chimerical 
“fraudulent” voters to successfully push North 
Carolina to adopt draconian voting laws.

RFK Jr:  Caging is a felony
DeLancy told me of his efforts to eliminate 
voters' rights, despite lacking convincing 
evidence of fraud, had caused a storm of protest 
regarding its racial effect.  DeLancy grinned 
from ear to ear when he said, "And you would 
think that Jim Crow rose from the dead," then chuckled.

Indeed, that was the conclusion of a federal 
court that in July struck down some of these 
VIP-promoted laws which, the court concluded, 
“target African-Americans with almost surgical precision.”

Law professor and voting rights attorney Robert 
F. Kennedy Jr., who joined me in the 
investigation for Rolling Stone and BBC 
Television Newsnight, has said that this kind of 
mailing is known as “caging” to experts. If it 
targets voters of color, “caging is a felony 
crime punishable by high fines and even prison 
time under several laws including the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

The biggest purge yet: “Interstate Crosscheck”
DeLancy, often seen on Fox TV declaring that 
thousands vote fraudulently in his state, was the 
chief lobbyist who pushed for the state to adopt 
a vote purging scheme which has targeted more 
than 35,750 voters that DeLancy and GOP state 
officials accused of the felony crime of voting twice.

Rolling Stone’s extensive investigation of this 
DeLancy/GOP purge program, called, “Interstate 
Crosscheck,” revealed that, in fact, Carolina did 
not convict a single voter of committing the 
crime of voting twice­yet has removed tens of 
thousands of voters through the program.

Rolling Stone’s experts calculated that one in 
seven minority voters in the state were targeted 
by the Crosscheck program promoted by 
DeLancy.  North Carolina Board of Elections chief 
Kim Strach testified to her legislature that 
35,750 voters are “registered in North Carolina 
and another state and voted in both in the 2012 
general election,” a fact promoted by DeLancy but 
quickly debunked by law enforcement.

The Crosscheck purge of up to one million voters 
in several swing states could, "flip the outcome 
of the US Senate races" in North Carolina, Ohio, 
Arizona and other states according to Voting 
Rights attorney Robert Fitrakis of Columbus, 
Ohio.  Fitrakis has represented both the the 
Republican and Democratic parties in litigation.

The mass purge by Crosscheck was unknown and 
therefore unchallenged by the NAACP in the 
lawsuit which successfully challenged other 
so-called voter-fraud-prevention procedures.

I urgently need your 
to go to North Carolina, Ohio and to edit a 
broadcast version of "The Best Democracy Money 
Can Buy". With a larger audience seeing the film, 
more people will be able to combat these 
pernicious voter disenfranchisement programs such 
as Interstate Crosscheck. This fight continues past the election.

Ion Sancho, respected voting expert with the 
non-partisan Verified Voting Foundation states 
that the “Colonel’s” Voter Integrity Project, “is 
a North Carolina offshoot of True the Vote, a 
national movement that purports to combat 
election fraud by challenging voter registration 
of those they believe should not be on the voter 
rolls” – though they found no evidence to convict 
the voters whom they victimize.

True the Vote, in turn, is affiliated with the 
Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky who is 
funded by the right wing think tank backed by 
conservative billionaires included the Mellon and Koch families.

Greg Palast (Rolling Stone, Guardian, BBC) is the 
author of The New York Times bestsellers, The 
Best Democracy Money Can Buy and Billionaires & 
Ballot Bandits, now out as major 
non-fiction movie.

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