Dear Colleagues

We would like to invite you to participate in an on-line survey on the topic of ‘Training and Education of Medical Librarians’ which the library school of HTW Chur (Switzerland) is carrying out on behalf of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences.

Medical librarians have developed a large and complex repertoire of knowledge, skills and expertise in support of Evidence Based Practice. While some medical libraries provide extensive training and mentoring for newcomers to the profession, other colleagues find it hard to acquire the specialist knowledge they need for their job. So, is there a need for a postgraduate programme in ‘Medical Librarianship’? If so, what should that include? And how could it be delivered - by distance learning? Or with some residential modules? Discussions on the occasion of various conferences showed broad and strong interest in a part-time modular postgraduate distance learning degree program in Medical Librarianship.

Apart from a degree programme - what role does Continuing Professional Development have for us medical librarians, and how is it best delivered?

With this online survey we would like to thoroughly gauge demand from medical librarians for both a degree programme, and for ongoing training. HTW Chur has developed this survey together with the Biomed Libraries Committee of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences and colleagues from University College London. The school will also run it and subsequently compile and evaluate its results, which will then be published in an Open Access format (article in the Journal of EAHIL plus parallel publication of the survey data as csv file or similar).

Thank you for your participation! The survey closes on Monday, November 22.<x-apple-data-detectors://1>

Rudolf Mumenthaler, HTW Chur
Gerhard Bissels, Bern University
Betsy Anagnostelis, UCL

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