The MLA Books Panel is seeking author(s)/editors(s) for the following proposed monograph:
Information literacy for the health sciences
This book will introduce common instructional standards and approaches seen in higher education and discuss how they can be applied in a variety of health sciences environments. How are health sciences librarians interacting with the ACRL standards and the newly released ACRL framework? Are there health science-specific tools that are commonly used along with or in place of these higher education standards? Which instruction methods are being used in the health sciences environment?  Which are the most successful with the specific audiences within the health sciences environment? How are health science instructional efforts being assessed?   What is the essential content to produce information literate health care professionals?  What topics and/or skills are being taught?
The following instructional audiences will be considered:

*         Health sciences undergraduate students: Associate and bachelor programs

*         Health sciences graduate students: Masters and doctoral-level

*         Post-graduate students: Residents and fellows

*         Faculty, clinicians and staff

o   Medicine

o   Nursing

o   Dentistry

o   Public health

o   Pharmacy

o   Veterinary medicine

o   Allied health professions
The following instructional formats will be considered:

*         Classroom lectures

*         Small group instruction

*         Online instruction - embedded in LMS course, etc

*         Individual interactions with patrons and students

*         Clinically-embedded opportunities

*         Continuing education courses for working professionals
The following standards and techniques will be introduced:

*         ACRL standards and framework

*         Interprofessional education initiatives

*         Evidence-based practice; levels of evidence

*         Problem-based learning
Content will be a blend of introduction to theory and real-world examples from librarians engaged in this instructional realm.
This book will be useful for all libraries that serve health sciences academic programs: community colleges, universities; allied health, health professions, medical and osteopathic schools. It would be a suitable textbook for LIS classes discussing instructional approaches and special populations.
If you are interested in authoring or editing this project, or would like to contribute as a chapter author, please contact Michel Atlas at [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>