I have an extensive current awareness service. It is entirely electronic. I utilize PubMed whenever possible, as we have our full-text linked there.

*       Some are tables of contents, set up as recurring searches in PubMed (when possible), through ClinicalKey, or from the journal's website.

*       Others are recurring searches (SDI's), developed for interested staff (medical or hospital). These are set up in PubMed, after discussing needs and interests with the staff member, including and excluding concepts as appropriate. Those search results come to me, and I edit out the citations that I know won't be of interest. I craft the search carefully to eliminate most of this, but it's just about impossible to exclude all of it. Then I send it off to the person, with a very brief friendly note. They reply to tell me what articles they'd like from the list, and my assistant sends them those. Or, even better, when they see the link to our full text, they download it themselves. Yes, this requires time, but it is, in part, marketing.

*       I send the TOC of a couple of business journals to the entire management group, and it also worked as a bit of marketing.

*       There are a few journals I look at, and send individual items (or citations) off to someone I know will want to see them-New England Journal, JAMA, for example.

I'll be happy to answer any questions.


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Good day all,

This comes from a fellow librarian that is not part of this listserv.  She asked me to post this question for her.  It is ok for you to respond to me directly and I will send replies to her.

What current awareness services do you provide for your patrons?

Do you contract with a service or do you set up alerts in databases you subscribe to and/or do you use things like Goggle Alerts?

Or do you personally review table of contents, etc.  and compose a targeted email or something similar?

If you would be willing to share details - what service(s) you use (or have used); what databases you set up alerts in; do essentially provide the service yourself; etc.?

Any info you could provide would be helpful.

Thank you very much,


Kellee L. Selden.

Manager - Learning and Knowledge Management

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