My General Altimax got me home safely last night in blinding heavy blowing
lake effect snow. I could barely tell if I was on the road but I made it
safe n sound to 6-8" of fluffy snow. So I got the Fischer Rebounds out and
did a lap on my trails. The ground is warm n wet so there was considerable
sticking but I was at least able to pack some trail.

At 6:30am there was no sign of my tracks or of my snow angel I had made
bare skinned next to the hot tub last night. So I set off to break trail
again in over a foot of snow. This time, no stick and I was gliding through
fluffy snow with 4 dogs romping around me.

Great way to start the week.

Friends are earning turns at Greek Peak today. I imagine they will be
similar to what Dave G experienced. I didn't feel it was worth the trip on
treacherous roads to join them. I'll get a report later.

I'm focusing on getting my trails packed down to something with optimal

So happy winter weather is upon us. Greek Peak fired up the guns, so
perhaps the lifts will be turning by the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Looks like VT is faring quite well. Enjoy!

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