After weeks of unreasonably warm weather with zero chance of making snow it
looks like there will be three opportunity windows for a cumulative 30-40
hours of snowmaking temps prior to Thursday, beginning around 10-11PM on
Sunday night, broken by intermittent mid-day rises above freezing mid-day on
Monday and Tuesday:

I'm sure the webside will be crowing all about it with
pictures & video of snowmaking on Monday if that comes to pass.  They just
added more snowmaking capacity, and they're itching to test it out.
There's a pretty good chance of niar Thursday AM(what else is new?) but
major deluge isn't currently projected.  That could change, it's still a
week out, but short of a hurricane it's not likely to wash out. Even if it's
just wet whalebacks separated by frosted grass, I'll be there!

Anybody else?

I'll probably take a drive-by on Tuesday &/or Wednesday AM to get a handle
on the progress.


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