We have been told that we must discard our old Google Domain and use a new
one because of a legal requirement in Act 46 to rename the school district
because of consolidation.

Our old Google Domain ( was purchased through Google, because of
this (and the fact that we have devices registered in the domain) we are
unable to change the domain name (to

We tried to register our new domain ( as a school domain with
the idea of running the two side by side for many years.  We were told by
Gogle that because we had registered for our schools we could
not register a second domain.

What are other schools doing about this?

Is this an issue with other schools?

Are the people who made this decision aware of the technology implications?

Is Google really trying to push us away?  Does anyone have a contact at
Google who might be able to add some sanity to this process?

Does anyone have any idea why it is not possible to rename a google domain
when you purchase the domain from Google?

Is anyone considering Syscloud as a more reasonable alternative for
transferring information from one Google domain to another?  Can Syscloud
transfer the contents of an accounts Google Drive or is it only able to do
the email?

This is getting really messy!

Craig Lyndes
St Albans City School