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Nice job telling the story of Vermont's participation on Hour of Code on  and through Twitter.

Tomorrow we have the honor of hosting Sam Patterson  to share his thoughts
on Programming in Elementary Schools.  The target audience is educators.
And the  late time is due to his West Coast location and the fact that Sam
teaches during the day.  I have visited his learning space/ maker space.
It's amazing!
If you want to be 'in the panel'  with us instead of just watching, email
me off link and I'll send you a different invite.

Watch Live <>
Thu Dec 8 <>
6:30 EST <>


*Educator, Maker, **Author of "Programming in the Primary Grades - Beyond
Hour of Code" <>*
will share his WHY for moving Beyond an Hour of Code in the Primary Grades
with Marlboro Graduate students.

Lucie deLaBruere

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