It is possible to reprovision license and I understand you interest in this
 I'll reach out to you Richard with specifics on how you can do this.
Elizabeth outlined the approach while I was crafting this email.   You can
send a PO  for the amount of licenses to [log in to unmask]  AND
[log in to unmask]

WeVideo, Inc.

149 Commonwealth Dr.

Suite 2118
Menlo Park, CA 94025
You can also find  all the information on this Vita-Learn WeVIDEO
Consortium FAQ  here:

But I'll make a case for the whole school or district approach -
The reason I was so passionate  about WeVideo and VoiceThread and did the
legwork to see if we can make it available to EVERY students in Vermont (no
matter what the size of their school)  was that as we moved to Chromebooks
we were about to TAKE AWAY student VOICE and CHOICE (both actual and
metaphorically).  BC (Before Chromebook)  our children could use either
Windows MovieMaker or iMovie on Mac or PhotoStory,  I was worried about the
impact of removing this access for our students.

Every child should have access to multimodal ways of learning and
expressing what they know. If video is a CHOICE for every child to express
their VOICE, then we are indeed using a digital tool to support the
practice of personalized learning.

As we more towards more personalized and  proficiency based learning
students will be creating evidence to demonstrate what they know in
multiple ways.  Not only does WeVideo allow students to use video for this,
but it also has a built in Screen Capture tool.  It can even be used to do
Podcast and audio only.
Digital stories are one way to use Voicethread, but there are so much more.

It seems that  once a student does a video project for a teacher who
ASSIGNED a video project, it would be a shame to take away this tool from
their digital toolbox (or digital backpack).

Many schools are looking at it as not so much "unused licenses"  as  they
are at providing access to their school as a body.  Similar to library
books or subscription databases - we want access to all our students to a
creation tool to is pretty standard tool for those with laptops.  Let's
give it to those with Chomebooks, too!  I know that the price of
Chromebooks is what allowed us to give so many students access to a device
-- let's make sure that device can be used to CREATE video as a way of

I won't go on... or I could end up with an essay and its already too long.
As many of you know -  Increasing Creativity and Innovation in our school
is one of my PASSIONS -and I can get pretty 'enthusiastic'  about the
cause!   And now that we are focusing on Student Choice and Voice in
education --  it's gone way beyond creativity. Thank YOU to all of you are
are working so hard to provide our students access to these powerful
learning tools.

-- Lucie

On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Richard Ballard <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm considering purchasing some WeVideo licenses for our school. In our
> high school most teachers may use the WeVideo for a project or 2 and then
> not use it again for the rest of the year. What I wanted to look at doing
> is buy a certain number of licences to allow a teacher to complete a
> project and then reprovision those licences for the next teacher and her
> students doing a project. It doesn't make since to me to buy a licence for
> every student in the school and only have a hundred or so being used at one
> time for a project. Has anyone done that, what might the problems be?
> Thanks
> Rich

Lucie deLaBruere

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