Hi Ray
Good questions
Her the actual FAQ  for the Vita-learn Consortium prices that includes the
Vita-Learn Address for Purchase order and everything outlined below all in
one place.

A few other questions have come up from others... so I've added them to the
FAQ - but basically the latest questions include

*Terms of Service for under 13 ?*
    Terms of Use for K12 Voicethread
<>  has different terms of service
than VoiceThreast consumer version (which is 13+)
    One of the reasons for VoiceThread K12 is that is Coppa compliant for
under 13 because it has teacher management features

*Billing Address * for Voicethread Vermont Pricing
   This one is  Vita-Learn.  In order to get the heavy discount for Vermont
School, Vita-Learn agreed to do a bulk purchase and then BILL out schools
individually.  As long as we have enough schools interested, we can keep on
doing this.  It's between a 30% to 70% savings depending on student
population, so it feels worth doing for our Vermont schools - especially
the little ones.

SIGN UP using this   official online purchase link
> <>

*AND *
> Send payment with INVOICE or PURCHASE ORDER Number clearly indicated to
> VITA-Learn.
> PO Box 1805
> Williston, VT 05495

*Pricing and Consolidated discount*

We have to be careful about publishing the pricing, since its so far below
> their published price.   VoiceThread publshed price starts at $450 per
> student and increases as student numbers increase  (
> BUT as a consortium we have been able to offer ONE price  PER SCHOOL  for
> each of the three tiers.  (And that price is for EVERYONE - all  teachers
> and  all students in your school
> $100  per school for  schools with less than 200 students
> $200  per school  for schools with 200 - 500 students
> $300 per school  for schools with over 500 students
> But if a district/SU wants to buy for ALL their schools, then we can do a
> quote that can shave a bit more off this already heavily discounted price,
> but VoiceThread still has a per school model, so the price is NOT $300 for
> a district/SU that has consolidated. It's just an additional discount for a
> whole district/school enrollment. (Sorry if that confused folks).
*GOOGLE INTEGRATION  for FREE again this year.*

     Voicethread usually charges $400 for this, but we negotiated into our
State Consortium again this year.
     They work with your domain administrator to LINK the two systems. I'm
working with them to get a webinar that
     describes the workflow

Okay... I think that's it.
Again... we're not vendors... we're just trying to move forward when a
company is willing to work with us as a Consortium so that our LITTLE
schools can leverage 'scale' and ALL our students can benefit from.
If you think there are other Vendors that would work with us that you'd
like to see in the mix... let me know.

Hope this helps


On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 9:06 AM, Raymond Ballou <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Lucie
> Maybe I am missing it, but I've looked a few times, the VoiceThread PO
> gets filled out to who (Vita or VT?) and how (terms, qty item# description,
> etc)?
> For example
> 1 unit of a school 200 - 500 students = $200
> or is that
> 390 (our est enrollment) units for school 200 - 500 students = $200
> and any other detail I am not thinking of.
> Can't get a PO approved on our end without these kinds of details to
> submit with.
> Thanks,
> R
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