I have done this before when using the form for Project Based Learning
In my scenario the Google form kept tract of which steps the students were
on in a process/checklist and they would go back to the form after they
completed the next step

In order to edit this you need to go back to  YOUR instance of the Google
form  - not the original form.
In my situation I manually asked the students to bookmark the URL of  their
instance of the completed Google form
and come back to it

but I am thinking that you this could be automated by having the Form send
an Email that included  "Click here to return" to this form and 'include"
their personalized URL in their email.

I"m thinking of a few Add Ons (i.e. Form Mule) that could do this.

I'd be glad to explain this in more details if you think this would be


On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 1:56 PM, Russell Gregory <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> We are on the precipice of having teachers using google forms for some
> writing assessments.  They have been using google docs shared through
> Google Classroom, but formatting issues have stalled the process.
> I have shown them Google Forms and I think it's a go, the only sticking
> point is that some students might not finish in one session.  So if you
> submit a form, and it's set to let 'respondents can: edit after submit' you
> get a nice button that says 'edit your response' which is awesome.  BUT if
> you go to the form again after closing that tab, you must start again.
> Is there anyone out there that has overcome this?  Perhaps with an addon
> or any other hack or solution?
> Rusti
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