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The summary is as follow:

Q: How does your libraries help patrons performing systematic reviews translate their articles? Who do you refer them to and what is the range of cost for translating a single article?


*Our University just brought up this: 

*When I worked on systematic reviews in an earlier position at the medical school of a large American research university, I contacted the department for each language requiring translation - e.g. Department of Near Eastern Studies for Hebrew, Germanic Language for Norwegian - and asked for a referral for a translator.  In the United States, I would budget at least a few hundred USD for translation services - at least $100-200 per article requiring translation.  
I have also used Google Translate.  It is time-consuming and not ideal, but for Western European languages it was usually enough to permit me to assess an article for eligibility.

*Another alternative is to contact the American Translators Association, which has an online directory allowing one to search for a translator by language pair (e.g., Spanish > English) and subject specialty.  Their website URL is* . The directory link is in the upper right corner of their home page.  HTH.
Translating Service:  Spanish & Swedish to English INDEXING "BY THE BOOK"

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