...and then there are the days your kid inexplicably forgets all her skills
and has trouble  every run Three runs for her and she was done, and Amy
too, unfortunately I went out for three more

conditions:  the vast majority of Sterling open, but with Madonna not, the
large crowd made the snow feel very tired and the lines longer than usual

This was only the 2nd day this season that I didn't ski powder, so I may be
getting spoiled Looking forward to the new round of snow  and spoils this

One run with Ben Bloom I hurt something in my upper back Don't know how
Heating pad, ice, hot shower, vitamin I, but it still hurts to turn my
head, gonna skip on the fresh powder skiing tomorrow night

Worst day of the season Still really a great start to the season

Tally so far(decided I'll try to count for the first time in a bunch o'
4 lift served
6 earned
8 days of skiing untracked natural snow

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