Yesterday & today's conditions were nearly identical for temperatures & sun,
but the overnight quarter to half inch of sweetener delivered from the sky
was a pleasant surprise!  It was just enough to turn the reservoirs in the
distance a brighter shade of white in the morning sun, and noticable change
from the recent niar-snow-niar crusties under foot.

Last night and into this morning they turned the snow guns onto Smith Walton
with a vengeance, with enough on the ground already that opening the trail
on Thursday isn't out of the question (though Friday is more likely.)

Tomorrow's schudule is still iffy, but Friday AM is forecasted to be cool
enough (+2F @ 9AM) that I probably won't end up skiing in a T-shirt, the way
it's been so far this season. It's finally time to break out the long
sleeves (and ear-warmers too)! :-)


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