I got up to the Snow Bowl at 7:00 this morning and found about 4-5" of 
new snow, with some drifts up to 12". The base is still thin enough that 
I opted for a couple of mellow runs on the gentle slopes of Proctor. The 
upper half of the mountain is pretty well covered except for 
wind-scoured spots, and skied beautifully. The lower half is mostly 
still pretty thin, though the pitch near the bottom was blissful. I 
skied carefully, but still hit bottom in a few places.

There's about a foot of snow in the woods. I would say another foot or 
so and they'll be ready to go.

There's a new connector trail from Proctor to Ross, just below the short 
steep pitch at the top. It pretty much obliterates a little woods shot I 
used to ski in there, but considering it was only about 6 turns and 
didn't have much of an exit to either trail, I won't shed too many tears 
over losing it.

Dave G.

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