After an accumulating niar-snow-niar event the surface at WaWa has taken on
an unusual (but not unpleasant) texture.  The cover on Conifer and 10th is
now pretty reasonable due to massive snowmaking efforts, but Smith is still
lacking (and not open during lift served hours.)

There were a couple of skinners ahead of me on Conifer, one moving 3x as
fast as the other (whom I passed), and there appeared to be at least one
down-track (probably the faster guy's) on the way up. Arriving at the summit
just as the first lift riders were unloading I waited a few minutes for the
traffic to clear, then took cruiser on Conifer, followed by a cool-off lift
ride (first of the season) to scope out 10th.  The lifty at the summit was
shaking her head and made some comment I didn't quite catch about skiing in
a T-shirt, but I explained that skinning up when it's north of 20F can be
pretty sweaty, especially if you're sprinting to get there before the lift
starts running. :-)

For the season it seems I'm running a ~10:1 ratio of earned /lift ridden
vertical.  That is bound to change soon, but it'll be awhile before it flips
to 1:10.


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