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> Interesting article.
> I had a pair of the Hanson Exhibitions my first year as a pro patroller (1977) and really liked them until a ski instructor convinced me (rather easily) that the design of the boot was really having a negative impact on my skiing. 

I owned exhibitions and later Spyders. The latter still in my basement,signed by Steve Mahre

Wonder where the author found the Hanson photo?

Trivia time:
- I also owned Hexcel skis
- Hank Kashiwa's sister was my son William’s pediatrician 
- I had a brief email conversation with Eric Hanson, son of Chris, back in 2007:

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Thanks for putting those ads out. I am Eric Hanson, the son of Chris Hanson; who designed those boot's molds from full scale models I saw crafted as a child on my kitchen table (by him in clay)!
Best regards,
Eric Hanson
Dear Eric:

I loved my Hanson Boots so much that I bought two pairs. The first were my big orange Hanson Team boots, with the aluminum strut in the back and "Dentist Chair" calf holders. My second were the Hanson Spyder boots seen elsewhere on the same web page you found. I still have them -- after all, one of them is signed by Steve Mahre -- and still take them out on the slopes every five years or so just for kicks (attached to a 205 or 210 cm ski, I'm the one getting kicked!).

Your Dad was a true innovator, and you are rightly proud.


I thank you for your response, and I'll pass it on. When I was a young racer at Lake Eldora in Colorado, I caught all kinds of tihs about the boot. Hank Kashiwa was a pro racer of ours at the time and did pretty damn well. Later, Hans hinterseer  won world cup races with the spyder boot. I have that model as the only example myself and they still ski great(though I haven't skiied for a couple seasons). I wish there was something better on the net about the history. Maybe I'm one to put out some facts as I know them. Best regards, Eric Hanson p.s. thats pretty cool about the Steve Mahre signing.

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