Cold temps and natural snowfall made for some great skiing. The brutal grooming made for some really nice carving on-piste and there were many natural trails open including Sky Hawk, Upper/Mid Ovation, Escapade, Upper Downdraft and Cascade headwalls and Helter Skelter too. Skye Peak was fun and fast. Lower East Fall was a hoot but the best trail was Cascade just after they dropped the ropes at noon with the snowguns still blasting. The man-made snowstorm with velvety talcum snow made for some awesome turns. There was a lot of poaching going on all over the place. Not a lot of base in some places, but if you know where the snow collects, you won't hit any rocks. We enjoyed the natural snow. Friday was probably a lot better, but we had a blast with sloppy seconds.
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I wanted to demo some skis on Sunday but none of the reps had the skis I wanted to try in my size. They always try to put me on a women's 165cm...I ski a 170cm and all they had was in the 180s or 150s 160s. You would think 170cm would be a pretty average and popular size, but apparently they didn't think so. That's what you get when it's a "free" demo day I suppose.

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